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January 28, 2014

Accounting Assistant Job Description

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An accounting assistant is an employ of a company who is responsible for performing clerical tasks and fiscal duties.  He/she has to maintain records and documents and may also be responsible for handling of those papers which have monetary importance.  Any person who wants to be an accounting assistant must be good at mathematical calculations and fiscal record keeping. He/she should have an eye for detail and must possess exceptional organizational qualities as well.

Education and Training Required:

The job of an accounting assistant requires little formal education and high school diploma is a must but candidates with bachelor’s degree in any subject are preferred. Good mathematical knowledge and clerical sense is also important.

Getting the Job:

Many companies hire candidates for the position of accounting assistants by the means of direct application process and interview procedures. Hence to apply for the job, the candidate can send his/her resume with an application letter to the company directly.

Advancements, Possibilities and Employment Outlook:

Accounting assistants work at the entry level position and hence scope for growth and promotion is high. An accounting assistant can be promoted to the position of accounting manager after a few years of experience and goodwill. However, to get the job at the position might be a challenge considering the huge competition for entry level posts in companies.

Working Conditions:

An accounting assistant has to work at regular work slots and their work comprises mainly of office duties and clerical tasks such as book keeping, record maintenance, handling of computer systems, reports, arranging meetings etc. The duties are exciting and one may not have enough challenges at the position.

Earnings and Benefits:

An accounting assistant can expect an average median salary of $34030. Those with prior work experience or a bachelor’s degree may have a chance to earn a better amount.

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