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January 24, 2014

Associate Director Job Description

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The position of an associate director lies near the top of the position chain within a department and the person employed at this position carries on the day to day activities of the workplace to ensure that everything is running smoothly and as per the correct norm.  An associate director is needed in a variety of work settings and industries.

Education and Training Required:

Those interested in becoming associate directors must be adequately educated and qualified.  High school diploma followed by a bachelor’s degree and a master’s program or degree are the necessary educational requirements for a person to become an associate director. Having knowledge of business administration is important and hence MBA at post graduate level is a preferable choice of degree.

Getting the Job:

Many companies hire associate directors through the means of on-campus placements. Hence being part of the placement cell of the college may prove to be beneficial for those who wish to be hired at this position. Applying by the means of direct application can be considered another way of getting the job.

Advancements, Possibilities and Employment Outlook:

An associate director may face competition during the hiring process but once he/she cements his/her place at the position, there is scope for growth.

Working Conditions:

Associate directors have to work in office settings for most part of their work tenure. They have normal work timings and do not generally need to take work home from office place. An associate director may or may not be given a personal work space in the office.

Earnings and Benefits:

On an average, a person working as an associate director in a company earns a median salary of $62000.  The salary may depend upon the place of employment as well as the kind of experience and skill sets that the candidate possesses.

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