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February 13, 2014

Database Administrator Job Description

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A database administrator is an individual who is hired by a company or an organization to take care of the integrity, performance as well as the security of a database.  He/she may also be required to troubleshoot database related problems and planning and development as well.  To fulfill the duties of a database administrator, a candidate needs to be adequately qualified and educated. He/she must also know about the salary and advancement possibilities etc of this job.

Education and Training Required

To become a database administrator in a company, an aspiring candidate needs 4 year bachelor’s degree in computer science or Management Information Systems.  He/she must have strong technical knowledge and knowledge about business functions as well.  Any person with certification or diploma in special database software programs are also often preferred by employers.

Getting the Job

To get the job as a database administrator, candidates can look for job openings in newspapers and the official company websites. One can also send job application letters to employers or apply by the means of campus placements.

Advancements, Possibilities and Employment Outlook

The employment prospects for database administrators are growing fast and look pretty good as of now. Rapid growth in the data collection by companies and the growing need for database security is giving rise to more job openings for this position and hence the employment outlook is quite bright for the position of a database administrator.

Working Conditions

Database administrators have office jobs which last for the usual work slots in offices and the job requires a candidate to sit in front of computer systems for a large part of the office shift.

Earnings and Benefits

The average median wage of a person working as a database administrator is $73490. The exact salary greatly depends upon the type of work conditions and the skills of the candidate.

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