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January 29, 2014

Journalist Job Description

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Journalists are employed at all the varied written, print and visual media entities all over the world. The job of journalists is to research on a certain given topic and write stories or provide any other content. National, local and regional press/ news mediums require the journalists to research on the current events/ happenings and write pieces. Magazines on the other hand employ journalists over the varied sectors, markets and categories; to collect information and write articles. There are also levels of journalist positions carrying from trainee, junior, senior and field journalists etc.

Education and Training Required:

Given to the wide scope of the title, individuals holding a bachelor degree in any subject will find some or the other job opportunity. But candidates holding a degree in journalism, English and writing etc. will get higher preference over others. Also holding a masters degree in any of the stated or other fields is also beneficial.

Getting the Job:

Those studying journalism or related fields with the aim of entering journalism are mostly provided with college placements. College placements provide a wide scope of employment and better opportunities as compared to those applying individually.

Advancements, Possibilities and Employment Outlook:

The opportunities for employment in field of journalism are huge and growing. However finding a suitable and good job may be a tricky thing. Also once employed at an entry level position the growth prospects are very bright.

Working Conditions:

Working conditions for journalists vary depending upon the category they are working in or the sector they work on. The field working journalists find varying levels may at times lack proper working conditions depending upon the fields being visited. Office/ desk job working journalists get proper office environments with all infrastructure and facilities.

Earnings and Benefits:

The average annual salary of journalist is around $56,000. The salary of the candidate may vary depending upon the post at which the candidate is employed; his/her work profile, skill sets and experience.

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