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February 10, 2014

Media Planner Job Description

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A media planner is an individual who works within an advertising agency or a media company and helps a client to gain maximum returns from the advertising campaign.  Media planners have to fulfill many work related duties and responsibilities and for this, they must be suitably educated.  They must possess marketing skills, communication skills to be able to do justice to this job.

Education and Training Required:

In order to become a media planner, an individual needs to have a high school diploma from an accredited school and this is the only compulsory educational requirement. However, one can also pursue a short term media course or a graduate degree to have a better chance at getting this job.

Getting the Job:

The job of a media planner can be attained by applying for the position and then sitting for an interview. This job can also be attained by working in the media industry for a few years and then getting a promotion. If you belong to a media institute of education, then direct placements can also lead you to the job position.

Advancements, Possibilities and Employment Outlook:

The job possibilities in this field are expected to grow and to have a better experience of this job, one can take up a professional degree course and gain ample amount of work experience. The chances of promotion in the media industry are pretty good and hence possibilities are plenty.

Working Conditions:

The working conditions of media planners are really good. One gets to work in an office space and might have to meet clients etc at certain sites of promotion or advertising etc.

Earnings and Benefits:

Any person working as a media planner is expected to earn an annual salary of $60300.  Those with better experience and reputed place of employment may earn more.

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