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February 14, 2014

System Administrator Job Description

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A system administrator is an individual or employee of a company who is hired for the configuration, operation and upkeep of the computer systems of the company and even multi-user computers such as servers etc.  There are many job duties and responsibilities associated with the job of a system administrator and to fulfill these duties, one needs to satisfy certain educational and other requirements. The following is the complete job description of a system administrator’s position.

Education and Training Required

To become a system administrator, a candidate must complete bachelor’s degree in computer science or a field like web technology and network administrator.  Some employers might also ask for a diploma course in computers etc from the candidate who is applying for the position. Master’s degree in any field is not so required.

Getting the Job

To get to the position of a system administrator, one can either apply through the means of campus placement or can directly apply by sending an application. One can also apply online by the means of online placement.

Advancements, Possibilities and Employment Outlook

The advancements and employment possibilities in the field of system administration are quite good. Every company requires well trained and educated administrators who can handle the computer maintenance related tasks and due to this reason, candidates looking for this job often tend to find opportunities. Infact, once employed, there are many chances to grow and get appraisals.

Working Conditions

A system administrator has to work with computer systems and servers for most part of the day and hence the job confines the employee to one position for most part of the day. The hours of work fall within the usual work timings.

Earnings and Benefits

A system administrator can expect to earn an average median salary of $72000 though this figure may change depending upon the working conditions etc.

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